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Integrated Brand Promotions


21 Mar 2023

The Whole is Better than the Sum of its Parts

“The whole is better than the sum of its parts”.

I could not agree more to this. And trust me, I am not the type who geeks over physics theorems. In fact, physics was never my forte nor my passion at school. But in this case, I will take my hat off to the great man Aristotle was, whose saying could never be better applied to today’s Business context. 

As the communications environment has faced the variations of the integrated world, businesses are urged to differentiating themselves from competitors. In order to gain competitive advantage, the first rule would be to grasp consumers' attention.

Integrated Brand Promotions has proven to be a successful strategy in this case, benefiting firms from increased brand recognition, sales, sustainable brand value and enhanced customer relationships.

But what exactly is IBP and how does it benefit you? Time and again, marketers over-complex the term. Yet, only a few truly comprehend its importance.

O’Guinn (2015) describes it as a complex process that has to be handled homogeneously. He further defines it as “The procedure of using a wide range of promotional tools working together to create widespread brand exposure”. And so on and so on. 

To cut a long story short, IBP is all about SYNERGY. You heard it. It is a marketing component that ensures coaction across all communication tools. It aims to ensure consistent brand messaging throughout a firm’s marketing mix.

Now, remember it “IBP = Synergy”. “IBP=Synergy”. “IBP=Synergy”. 

IBP is what Always aimed at during their “#LikeAGirl” Campaign. Initially, Proctor&Gamble wanted to emphasise their brand purpose. They realised that their key message was not obvious to their target audience and wanted to restore their image by a campaign that would empower girls. Their aim was to support girls throughout social issues they are facing today but also to strengthen the “why is this brand relevant to me” factor (, 2019).

“Girls first come in contact with Always at puberty, a time when they are feeling awkward and unconfident – a pivotal time to show girls the brand’s purpose and champion their confidence”. – Judy John, CEO of Leo Burnett Canada

For this reason, they decided to create a #likeagirl page hosted on, broadcast a video ad on Youtube and launch a hashtag #Likeagirl on Social Media platforms such as Twitter.

Rapidly, the campaign went viral earning more than 90 million views, 177,000 tweets and an escalation of 4339% more followers on Youtube!!!!!!!!

Most importantly, there was a higher-than-average lift in brand preference with a 50% increase in purchase intent and almost 70% and 60% change in perception of the “like a girl” phrase amongst women and men, respectively (D&AD, 2019). 

This is where “The whole is better than the sum of its parts” comes in place. The video on its own might not have been capable of reinforcing their core message. However, the entire campaign did. With each tool co-acting with each other and the consistency in their idea, the campaign attained a larger public who now associates Always as a brand that wants to empower soon-to-be women.

If you still do not understand exactly how an Integrated Brand Promotions strategy is useful in this case, please do let me explain. To illustrate this, it is firstly crucial to understand your consumers’ communication patterns. 

1.     Consumers love being able to recognise a brand. Solomon (2012) explained how a consumer’s background, experience and knowledge positively influences decision-making. Thus, brand awareness let alone recognition impacts the purchase. 

2.     Consumers love brands they can trust. A consistent message makes you look more trustworthy and more in line with your values. Moreover, it reinforces your brand persona.

3.     Customers are active rather than passive. They know what they want and sometimes all you have to do is stand out of the crowd for them to recognise you. IBP enables you to reinforce your brand persona and creates a customer-to-brand fit your audience is seeking for.

All things considered, IBP might pass as a customer-centric approach that is too often ignored by Marketers but a mere detail such as synergy in a campaign turns out to become more valuable than you might think. IBP enables your consumers to instantly recognise the tangible aspects of your brand such as your logo and your colors. Nevertheless, it also allows to strengthen the intangible elements of your brand such as its status, success and love (Fan, 2005).

Melody Grailet

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