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12 May 2023

Enterring the Fifth Paradigm

Enterring the Fifth Paradigm

‘We want to tell so we can change. What if this time ‘Change’ is the one to narrate?’

Master storytellers have often wondered in what ways the stories that have been told could drive change, lead in impact and help in the evolution of our set environments. 

Dependant on the setting and brand’s purpose more often than not the intended results drives the story that is chosen to be told. The aim? Convey a message relevant to the brand, the audience and to its time.

This designed pattern is one recurringly used throughout the Marketing scene, especially useful in transitional periods between Marketing paradigms.

Studying the existing Market blueprints across time sheds light on what was important to us back then and what is important to us now.

Four Marketing Paradigms (by R. Rajamannar)

Where Marketers used to think early on the First Paradigm that Consumers operated on the premise of Logic and Rationale, the Second Paradigm demonstrates the discovery of Emotions as decisional driving forces followed by the Third Paradigm allowing measurement of campaigns through Digital Media & Data as make or breakers. The Fourth Paradigm conveyed new ways of connecting and communicating within the ‘Always On’ scene, seeing a rise in Mobile Device use and Social Media mediums. (R. Rajamannar)

As of today, we have incorporated all four paradigms where we are now able to leverage Technology and Machine Learning to make data-driven decisions within campaigns and positioning.

Analytics are gathered to form judgment on what works, what is emotionally engaging, marketable and culturally fit. Computer based Insights are constantly available on what speaks to consumers, what message to convey and when to convey. Knowing this in return reinforces company image and relevance within the Market.

In some ways we could say that we constantly seek all possible pathways of the ‘Hows’ to be able to catalyse our brands’ ‘Whys’; Brands constantly seeking new ways of knowing how they could be more of themselves to speak with the audience, a reflection of them.

The Fifth Paradigm: The Era of Advanced Tech, Infinite Data and AI

With the imminent shift towards the Fifth paradigm, we now often see ourselves racing after waves of technological advancements as ways of revolutionising on latest forms of creative expressions. 

We want to tell so we can change. What if this time, ‘Change’ is the one who narrates? AI, AR, VR, IoT, Wearables, Drones, Holographic Projections are just some of few available mediums for brands to share their stories, with an emphasis rather on how stories are told as a way of reinforcing what is told.

So at this culminant point in transition How is the Era of Advanced Tech, Infinite Data and AI shaping the way we tell our stories? How can Tech be implicated in a Brand’s DNA? What is the leading force of the new brand narrative? 

M. Grailet

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